Thursday, May 8, 2014

Making, Wanting, Feeling

Making: art projects and paintings with the kids today.
Cooking: avocado pasta

Drinking: water. Staying away from coffee for a bit. Why must you taunt me?
Reading: E.E. Cummings - Selected Poems
Wanting: August to be here, to be in Maine with my love.
Looking: at blue sunny skies and doggies on walks
Playing: all day long with the munchkins, lately making pretend grocery lists and pretending to grocery shop in the kitchen.
Wishing: for complete contentment 
Enjoying: the sound of Feist
Liking: being barefoot
Wondering: what I should be doing for others, what I am forgetting, getting caught in my own concerns
Loving: motorcycle rides
Hoping: for a beautiful summer
Marveling: at love and it's strength
Needing: more sleep. Much much more sleep.
Smelling: my perfume
Wearing: pink! Which is surprising.
Following: my God
Noticing: how relationships grow and mold over time, and there is always hope for restoration
Knowing: self-care is essential, adequate sleep, food...
Thinking: always and maybe too much
Bookmarking: ideas that stir my soul
Opening: letters from loved ones
Giggling: with good friends
Feeling: thankful

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