Thursday, March 1, 2012

beautiful daughter

Beautiful. Beautiful are you, oh daughter of the most High. Made in His image and sculpted with His mighty hands. He knows every fear, worry, love, and hope. He takes delight in hearing your laughter, loves the sound of your voice, your body gloriously designed by the painter.
Wrinkles, creases, lines in the face get more beautiful as time goes by and show a life that was well lived. A life that was full of fight and delight and not compromise. He knows every spider web of thoughts, He knows your truth.
He knows your beauty far better than any earthly creature could see. He knows how many breaths you’ve taken today, how many times you’ve wiggled your toes, or itched your nose. He knows how many times your heart has beat and what glorious things make it skip a beat. He knows what makes you giggle and what tangle of events made you cry. He knows the most intimate longings of your soul. Beautiful, are you, oh daughter of the most High.
The maker of the heavens and earth has chosen You. He knows you by name oh beloved one.
He knows your soul, your spirit, your laugh, the melody of the sound of your voice. The silent cries of your heart are never lost in the chaos. The deep battles within are not ignored, never abandoned. You are loved infinitely beyond measure. You are treasured greater than any earthly pleasure. The creator is not caught up in the mistakes of your past, the messes of your life, or the failures of your tomorrow. The creator does not care about the width of your hips, how small or how big your breasts, the number that little trap box says when you step on it. The creator does not measure you in these ways. No, the most High is not concerned with these matters.
You were bought at a price. You, oh daughter of the King, are worth far more than diamonds or pearls. You were beautifully and wonderfully made. You are His beloved and the Almighty has held you in His hands and said, “It is good and I love you.” For you, oh daughter, are His.